Erin Rolek has been managing The Bachelor Farmer since its opening day. She now oversees operation of The Bachelor Farmer and Marvel Bar as managing partner. Erin also directs its wine list, and in 2017 was named a Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year, the first ever in Minnesota.
Eric Dayton and Andrew Dayton were born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Andrew studied history at Yale University and then received his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School. He has worked for the Clinton Global Initiative and the Hennepin County Attorney’s office. Eric graduated from Williams College with a degree in English and from Stanford Business School with an MBA. He was a member of Will Steger’s Arctic Transect 2004 dogsled expedition and also worked for Target Corporation. None of those experiences prepared them to open a restaurant, but fortunately they surrounded themselves with incredibly talented people (see above). Eric is older and Andrew is funnier.


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