The Bachelor Farmer serves fresh and simple food that honors Minnesota’s Nordic heritage. Paul Berglund and his team source the best ingredients available, which often means buying from local farmers and purveyors. We use organic products whenever possible and also grow our own herbs and vegetables on our rooftop farm, which is the first of its kind in Minneapolis.

Our appetizers start at $8 and our entrées range from $18 to $33.

Winter 2014
We update our online menu weekly, but our restaurant’s menu changes daily.
Please expect some variation.

Bibb lettuce, aged cheddar, cider vinegar, walnuts
Wild rice, crispy beets, roasted butternut squash, buckwheat, yogurt 
Shaved cabbage salad, Parmesan vinaigrette, pain de mie croutons, toasted almonds 
Pheasant broth, roasted lion’s mane and oyster mushrooms, horseradish, chervil 
Braised pork meatballs, salt-roasted red onions, celery root, onion purée 
Salt-cured foie gras, Romanesco cauliflower, fried parsnips, preserved rhubarb, flax crackers 

Roasted butternut squash mousse, burnt butter, apples, hazelnuts, roasted shallots 
Housemade fresh cheese, watermelon radishes, pistachio butter, honey, dried fruit compote 
Beef tartare, salt-cured egg yolk, pickled and fermented vegetables, walnut 
Groaning Board

Poached eggs, Romanesco cauliflower, potato purée, scarlet turnip confit 
Market Fish
Wieninleike, butter-braised sunchokes, kohlrabi, mustard vinaigrette 
Duck confit, black turtle beans, mokum carrots, roasted garlic 
Grilled lamb, roasted spaghetti squash, toasted almonds, ginger-pickled cipollini onions 

Salt-roasted beets, red veined sorrel, crème fraîche, granola 
Poached carrots and parsnips, duck broth, bread crumbs, lemon thyme 
French fingerling potatoes in aluminum foil, butter, duck fat, rosemary 
Baked beans, roasted ham, bread crumbs
Warm popover with honeyed butter

Buttermilk cream and herb sherbet, D’Anjou pears, herb-meringue dust 
Brown butter lemon cake, parsley ice cream, lemon curd, toasted almonds 
Chocolate marquise, orange marmalade, bitter orange ice cream, chocolate feuilletine
Coffee cream, espresso granita, Valrhona milk chocolate-caramel
Sponge cake, cranberry jam, cranberry jelly, white chocolate crémeux, tangerine sorbet