Our Sunday brunch main plates range from $9 to $14.

On the Cart
Our Sunday Cart features a selection of sparkling wine and fresh, housemade pastries.
Ask your sever to see the day’s selection, including (subject to change):
Coffee Cake

Fresh cow’s milk cheese, toasted hazelnuts, honey
Whipped pâté, fruit compote, grain mustard
Chopped egg, red onion, lovage
Bacon confit, aioli, pickled butternut squash, bibb lettuce

Soft scramble, toasted barley, roasted broccoli, sesame, fermented ramps
Breakfast sandwich, ham, sauerkraut, Dijon, pickled cucumbers, Camembert
Rye spaetzle pyttipanna, pastrami, poached egg, cabbage, caraway hollandaise
Bachelor’s Breakfast: baked eggs, kohlrabi, black beans, bok choy, rye toast
French toast, cranberry, lemon, walnuts
Shaved cabbage, cheddar vinaigrette, pickled red onions, chopped egg, croutons
Toasted oat porridge, brown sugar, toasted almonds

Baby bacon pancakes
Bacon confit, aged cider vinegar
Hash browns, blue cheese butter, chives
English muffin, cashew butter, lingonberry jam

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