Our Sunday brunch main plates range from $9 to $14.

On the Cart
Our Sunday Cart features a selection of sparkling wine and fresh, house made pastries.
Ask your sever to see the day’s selection, including (subject to change):
French Macarons
Morning Roll

Duck liver pâté, grain mustard, pickled onion, rooftop radishes
Bacon confit, bibb lettuces, roasted tomatoes, garlic aioli
House-cured king salmon, cucumbers, crème fraîche, dill
Roasted and pickled beets, pistachio butter, tarragon

Soft scrambled eggs, smoked walleye, roasted oyster mushrooms, caramelized Brussels sprouts
Breakfast sandwich, duck sausage, fried duck egg, cabbage slaw, pickles, peach jam
Rye spaetzle pyttipanna, pork shoulder pastrami, poached egg, savoy cabbage, caraway hollandaise
Baked eggs, roasted ham, lacinato kale, roasted radish, horseradish, toast
Lemon pancakes, fresh cow’s milk cheese, pears, oatmeal crumble
Deep-fried French toast, cornmeal-almond crust, bourbon batter, roasted butternut squash
Grilled little gem lettuce, anchovy aioli, pain de mie croutons, chopped egg, aged goat cheese
Granola, toasted nuts, golden raisins, ground cherries, yogurt, milk

Apples, salted caramel, walnuts
Baby bacon pancakes
Deviled and pickled eggs, mizuna
Roasted bacon, aged cider vinegar
Crispy carola potatoes, rosemary
Toast, lingonberry jam

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